Architecture & Design

To strike a balance between shape and functionality: this is the objective of our creative team of architects and designers. Either this is a beachside hotel or a private residence, an office block or an industrial complex, our focus is first and foremost to meet the client’s needs and desires with a modern functionality perspective. The careful study of space organization supplemented by a keen sense of ergonomic design, along with the pursuit of elegance and style, make up the underlying forces that shape our ideas and translate them to real-life proposals. Concept formulation and development is a stepwise process: idea generation, problem solving, alternative assessment, feature refinement, budget constraint accommodation. Our aim is to present to our client an innovative design proposal that is crafted with attention to the finest detail, fully documented, as well as visually appealing using cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality tools.

Our areas of interest include, but are not limited to: