Sound structural modelling; robust analysis and methodology; detailed verification; effective implementation: the complexity and interdependence of the elements of any construction project pose a big challenge, which however, our team of civil engineers is fully prepared to meet. Our structural engineers possess firm scientific and technical background, deep understanding of design principles, and proficiency in modern powerful computational tools; in close collaboration with our architects, they are able to make design concepts realizable, through modelling, simulation and dimensioning. Our construction engineers have the skills and training to tackle any challenge in the project site, in order to manage and supervise construction crews, to enforce compliance with safety standards, schedule requirements, deadlines, and budget constraints, and to closely monitor progress to ensure smooth completion and project delivery. We undertake the task of building permit issue every step of the way, including full investigation as per legal requirements across all relevant government authorities, whether it be a new building project, an extension, a reinforcement or repair, or the regularization of building code infractions.

Our areas of implementation include, but are not limited to: