Intergrated Hotel Design

Tourism and hospitality services development are at the heart of our firm’s interests. As a complex task, hotel design requires the involvement of all of our departments, as it draws upon the skills and experience of architects, engineers, and business analysts alike. Our integrated approach transcends architectural planning, construction, and infrastructure layout; we engage to establish a brand name, as per our client’s desires and specifications. Building a hotel’s profile consists of identifying the target market and shaping the services that it wishes to offer: the visitors of the hotel, beyond just choosing from an variety of services, are invited to live an experience, to immerse themselves in the ambiance and to partake in the narrative that binds together all the elements of the experience. We have confidence in our ability, knowledge and skill to take on the difficult task of designing not just a hotel, but the entire hospitality experience, and bringing it to life. We pledge to assist our client to realize their vision every step of the way. To this end, we present our client with a meticulously compiled, thoroughly researched and documented, and visually engaging turnkey project proposal.

The aspects of integrated hotel design include, but are not limited to: