Liscencing & Certification

Can adherence to standards, mandatory or optional, be made easy? This is a challenge that our firm confidently accepts. We possess the know-how to effectively mediate between our client and regulatory or conformity assessment bodies, in order to manage the intricate and oftentimes cumbersome process of having a license, authorization or certification request processed and eventually granted. Our team of engineers has extensive experience with handling requests directed to various government agencies regarding building permit issue, establishment or facility licensing, hotel classification, safety systems licensing, preliminary site-related assessments for large-scale projects, to name a few. When it comes to optional certifications, our team undertakes the task of compiling necessary documentation, submitting requests on behalf of our client, monitoring the process, and conducting inspections and corrective adjustments. We emphasize the competitive advantage that conformity with quality standards offers, and therefore our firm is committed to provide our clients with up-to-date information, assistance, and support as to certification options and requirements.

Our areas of service include, but are not limited to: